Founded in 2020 by Jonathan Probert and Alain Lacroix, NIR is a proud ambassador for P-Laser laser cleaning systems, a sustainable technology that is light years ahead of current methods. Laser cleaning has been proven to be the most environmentally friendly of all cleaning techniques.

We love to succeed in minimizing waste and improving efficiency. From chemicals and solvents to polluted water and blast media we all know our planet can do without.  With very little primary waste and almost no secondary waste, Laser cleaning is constantly finding applications and revolutionizing industries and processes across the world.

At NIR our passion is taking care of our clients. From corporation’s to small business we are always happy to help. We offer the complete solution to ease the adoption of this new technology. From all necessary PPE, fume extraction, consultation, onsite training, automation pairing, first line technical support, parameter development and of course laser cleaning systems, we are a one stop shop.

We are backed by the world leader in laser cleaning systems and their engineering team. We can help develop custom solutions for hand held and automated processes.

Jonathan and Alain have a combined experience of 8 years in the industry. They have touched on applications ranging from nuclear decontamination to lead paint abatement. Their unbridled enthusiasm for laser cleaning pushes them to constantly validate and test new applications and develop new ways these systems can be deployed on all fronts.

Our Team

Alain Lacroix

Technical Specialist

Jonathan Probert

Applications Specialist