Laser Solutions

Our team is here to offer unmatched customer service and know how. We provide all aspects of laser cleaning from the systems to training.

Application Discovery

At NIR we are laser cleaning enthusiasts. If you are wondering whether a laser can clean it, please contact us and send us a sample we are happy to clean your curiosity!

Experienced Team

Between NIR and P-Laser we have a combined 50+ years of experience with laser cleaning. We have the knowledge and know how to get the job done.

Unparalleled Customer Service

NIR provides exceptional customer service to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. We are here to support our clients on all aspects of laser cleaning.

NIR Laser Cleaning Solutions


NIR is the premier laser cleaning system provider offering clients a wide variety of complimentary equipment and services. NIR values customer satisfaction, safety and success.

We offer the complete solution when integrating laser cleaning in your business activities. NIR can provide PPE, on site training, consulting, demos, automated solutions, fume extraction, consumables, power conversion, air compressors, recipe development and of course a cleaner process.